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School Transport position in Denbighshire for key workers' children. Read more.

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Welcome to the new look Denbighshire County Council School Meals website

Welcome to our new look website where you can find out more about school and civic catering.

Denbighshire is committed to healthy eating and is working hard with schools to promote the health and welfare of pupils. We continue to deliver the best food possible and want to help young people in Denbighshire discover and enjoy new and exciting foods that will encourage them to live a healthy and active life.

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Update on school meal prices

The Denbighshire School Catering Service has faced an increase of prices for all major commercially procured food products, the domestic food market and across all food market supply chains.
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Denbighshire County Council is re-launching its school meal catering service

With pupils starting to return to school full-time from September 3, the catering service will resume providing all pupils with a healthy and nutritious meal every day.
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